Frequently Asked Question

What is Disk Health ?

Disk Health is one of the best choice to clean your Mac from junk and unused files as well as to detect and remove duplicate files.

Is Disk Health free ?

Disk Health is available as a free demo, you can download it from here. The demo scans the disk and allows to see the total space cleanable, the largest files, the oldest files and duplicates.
To remove files and clean the disk, full version is needed. Please buy it from Mac App Store.

Can I use Disk Health safely ?

Disk Health was developed with safety in mind. Scanning and cleaning algorithms are smooth and secure. Only the files that you select to be cleaned will be actually removed. Thousands of users are using and enjoying Disk Health in totally safety.

Is Disk Health available for Windows?

Nope. Disk Health is designed and developed only for Apple OSX.
We are sorry but there is no plans to migrate the app to Windows.

Is Disk Health only in English?

Disk Health is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. The interface language is automatically set up according to the language of your operating system. If the language of your Operating System is not available, Disk Health will set up in English.

How much time does it take to find duplicate files on my hard disk?

Disk Health is one of the fastest application on App Store. Scan time for duplicates detection can vary a lot due to the hardware (speed of disk drive and CPU) and to the amount of data to scan.

What kind of disks or folders can I analyze?

All folders and disks that you drag on the Duplicates window – even if simulaneously – will be scanned. You can also scan networked folders or disks.

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