Disk cleaner and duplicate finder.

The most comprehensive and beautiful tool to clean and speed up your Mac.

The smartest way to clean your Mac

Clean your Mac from useless files, large files, old files and duplicate files

One simple interface, many awesome features

Disk Health loves your Mac and your Mac will loves you forever

Wide compatibility
Disk Health works on OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Maverick and Yosemite
Ultra Fast
Fast clean and Fast search for Large, Old and Duplicate Files
External Drive Support
Scan any mountable media for duplicates
Full scan
Scan your Mac with one click
Photos and iPhoto
Find and manage your duplicate files on Apple Photos and iPhoto©
Find and manage your duplicate audio and video on Apple iTunes©
Mac lover
Disk Health loves El Capitan as well as older OSX versions. Best viewed on retina devices!
24/7 support
24/7 support for your requests
Large Files
Find any large files on your Mac sorted by size
Old Files
Find any old files on your Mac sorted by date
Easy to use
No technical skills required
Safe Mac Cleanup
Remove only those files that are safe to delete
Speedup your browsers
Clean up Safari, Chrome and Firefox browser cache
Remove Duplicate Files
Find and remove duplicate files
Scan folders and disks
Scan entire disks or a single folders as well as removable disks
Intelligent search
Fast duplicate file analyzer algorithm
Disk in a glance
Take a look at your disk usage in a glance with a clear chart
Rich usability
Built-in file preview
Setup search parameters for Large, Old and Duplicate Files
Full Path
Take a brief look to the full path of the file and open it in Finder

The green bar is the portion of
your hard drive full of unused data.
Disk Health clean it for you.

and powerful.

Detect and remove duplicates.

Select multiple clones or delete each
single useless copy.

Large files.

Locates and preview the largest
and oldest files on your Mac,
then just throw away the junk.

“It’s like I’ve just bought a new hard drive!”
“I’m going to use this app every day. It’s insanely fast and clean.”